tampa metal roofing is a popular choice for beauty and durability among Gulf Coast homeowners. And for quality products and professional installation, Affordable Roofing is Tampa’s expert in metal roofing trusts.

Metal roofs are available today in a wide range of colors and finishes. Metal roofing engineering advances have significantly enhanced metal roof quality. Today’s metal roofs are resistant to rust and corrosion, and under the toughest conditions will not fade or crack.

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To homeowners, roof leaks can be a major problem. Only small leaks can cause serious and expensive property damage from your rafters or trusses to your roof, walls, floors and more. Roof leaks can also lead inside your home to mold and mildew production, decreased energy efficiency, and a host of other issues.

Any kind of roof, of course, can leak. Metal roofing, however, is less prone to leaks when properly installed than some other types of roofing. There are not as many seams with traditional metal roofing, which means that leaks are less likely to occur than with asphalt shingles. In cracks or in places where roofing screws are used, leaks can still occur. The right construction team will help ensure that your metal roofs are properly installed so that leaks do not occur, and regular inspections will help ensure that your roofs do not leak and remain in tip-top shape.

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There are many factors to consider when thinking about having a new roof built on your house, are you making a smart investment, how long will your new roof last, will it bring a beautification feature to your home, will different roof styles last longer, or will it provide energy efficiency? Some roofing materials cost more than others, such as metal roofing; a metal roof can save you money in the long run, outlast other roofing materials, and boost your home’s value.

American Roofing & Sheet Metal installs on houses around Tampa Bay long-lasting metal roofing. Metal roofs are attractive, versatile and easy to maintain in many colors.

Why not install a metal roof that will last for decades if your existing roof is old or shows signs of damage? In Tampa FL, St Petersburg FL and Clearwater FL, we are specialized in metal roofing. If you want to protect your home from the harsh rays of the Florida sun and extreme rain, consider metal roofing.