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Metal Roofing Tampa is your leading metal roofing solution for all your roofing needs. Looking for a long-term, guaranteed roofing solution for your home or business? Then look no further than us! Look to the future of clean, stylish and elegant home roofing.

Metal Roofing- What’s the deal?

Most homes nowadays use the asphalt shingle roofs of yore, mostly due to their cost-effectiveness and proven utility. As such, it’s older (yes it is older) contemporary in the form of Metal Roofing Tampa has not had its chance to shine as much in modern media and construction. Fortunately, it has been seeing a rise in popularity and many people around the world are now looking at it in new and intrigued light.

Like you should have ready guessed, metal roofing is done with metal instead of the regular and traditional asphalt shingles seen on many homes around America. Metal roofing, instead of being made of asphalt, is made of metal; with steel alloys, copper and zinc being the most widely used today. While it is not as commonly used in America currently, metal roofing has a surprising amount of history, having been used for thousands of years.


It’s older than you think

In the 3rd century B.C. copper roof shingles were installed on top of the Lovamahapaya Temple in Sri Lanka. The Romans used copper roofing cover for the Pantheon in 27 B.C. Even centuries later, copper and its alloys were integral in European medieval architecture.

As such, Metal Roofing Tampa works hard to keep up with the old and storied history of its products. Dedicated to giving our customers and clients the workmanship of a thousand years of craft, we at Metal Roofing Tampa guarantee quality in our products.

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Why use Metal Roofing Tampa?

Simple! Metal Roofing Tampa is objectively the better choice when compared to traditional roofing options. Let us give you a bit of a rundown on the advantages when compared to it’s more widely used contemporaries.

It’s cheaper in the long run

When it comes down to it, the most important factor many people look at when it comes to any project is cost. As such, Metal Roofing Tampa is proud to say that its metal roofing is, comparatively and factually, cheaper than any other brand or style out there. While it is more expensive to install and purchase, afterward you can forget about having to replace it.

Comparatively, the average asphalt shingles roofing many homeowners across the country have, needs to be replaced or repaired on a relatively more frequent basis, leading into our second advantage:

Longer lasting

There is a reason many homes of the past with metal roofing can still be used today without worry. Metal roofing Tampa is proven in durability and longevity. While many asphalt users need to repair their roofing once every 15 to 20 years (give or take the weather conditions or damages), many roofing contractors and suppliers such as ourselves here at Metal Roofing Tampa, offer their customers a 50-year guarantee With an estimated 100-year long expected lifetime, consider this your once off roof investment with Metal Roofing Tampa.

If you still do not see where we are going with this, consider this. A once off, quality installation of a metal roofing Tampa will cost around double the amount for an asphalt roof. Over the course of the next several decades, the cost will shrink down to less than a third of asphalt. This is due to the repair and replacement costs asphalt roofs are known to have.

It weighs less

When placing a roof, the supports need to both keep the roof up and any additional weight. On average, metal roofing weighs less than your typical asphalt roofing. This results in less stress placed on your roof and walls. While this might not seem like much, even a small decrease in weight can greatly length and reduce the risk of potential roofing issues.

Due to its light-weight nature, some people opt to simply install it over their pre-existing roofing to save on cost and time.

Better for the environment

Consisting primarily of recyclable material; metal roofing Tampa is 110 percent recyclable. Consisting of primarily of copper, zinc or a steel alloy, depending on your purchase, you may get some cash back if you ever need to replace the roofing with a different type.

It doesn’t get as hot

Reflecting the heat away, metal roofing does not get nearly as hot as asphalt as it reflects much of the heat and solar energy away during the summertime. On a larger scale, this means less residual heat is trapped in the area, leading to a lower overall temperature in the area surrounding it.

Cuts down on the need for AC

In connection with the fact it reflects heat rather than absorb it, it has better insulating abilities as well. As such, metal roofing can save you up to 40 percent on your electricity bill in summer. It can also save you up to a 15% reduction in the energy costs in the winter according to a 2008 Study by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

It’s stronger

A little late to mention, but it is stronger. As such it is such a lightweight roof, it’s useful for larger and/or old structures as it helps to maintain the overall structural integrity of the building. Despite its lightweight, however, metal roofing provides increased wind resistance when compared to other roofing materials. This is because metal roofing systems use interlocking panels.

The disadvantage?

With all this good, there has to be some bad right? Well, I suppose there is one very minor gripe potential clients should know about. That being that during storms it can get a little bit louder and that snow does more easily fall off. Barring the amusement of an amusing snowed mailman, Metal Roofing Tampa guarantees techniques to help prevent and mitigate this factor during installation.

The visual appeal

If you like visual diversity then you’ll love metal roofing. Due to being metal, there are a plethora of designs and styles for any personality. With the durability and strength of the material, there are even some companies willing to do a completely custom made metal roofing for the more spendy or extravagant clients out there.


Due to being metal, there are numerous coatings available to help improve various aspects of your metal roofing. usually made of various materials such as epoxy and ceramic, they provide numerous benefits from extra rust protection to heat insulation or reflection. Ceramic coatings are usually applied on metal roof materials to add heat-reflective properties. Most ceramic coatings are made from regular paint with ceramic beads mixed in as an additive.

Clear coatings preserve the natural color, warmth, and metallic tone of copper roofing and are often used to coat it. Some contain oils, which exclude moisture from copper roofs and creates flashings, simultaneously enhance their appearance by bringing out a richer depth of color.

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