Metal Roofing Palm Harbor is one of Tampa Bay’s most energy-efficient roof structures. The metal roofs (such as shingle or tile roofing) are insulated in the summer heat, which helps air to reach the attic and down to your living room. When the sun sets down, shingle and concrete tiles keep the heat on a metal roof for longer. Within 30 minutes of a sunset or a good rainfall, a metal roof structure can be cool to touch. Tile and shingles take a lot longer.

Your roofing project is too important to give any Tampa roofing company, from repairs to new construction. You want high-quality products, outstanding craftsmanship and a good and detailed reputation.

Metal Roofing Palm Harbor is the reliable Tampa roofing business for customers looking for shingles and tiles, maintenance, washing, repair and remanufactures for residential and commercial purposes. We are a licensed roofing company, preferred Tampa to Owens Corning and a certified Select Shingle Master Tampa roofing company. We are an approved roofing company.

Metal Roofing is Durable and Sustainable!

Metal as a roofing material also has the advantage of being sustainable. Many finishes on products for metal roofing are painted with reflective infrared finishes. These finishes keep the surface of the roofs cool given the sun’s heat. This can greatly lower your Metal Roofing Palm Harbor home’s air conditioning prices.

Metal roofs not only outlast other materials, but they are also extremely durable. The steel framework suits the roof in various weather conditions. The material can withstand winds of up to 140 mph. This is unusual in our weather in Florida, where hurricanes and severe storms are normal. Steel is also a fireproof roofing material.

Without the high cost of replacing the roof, most leaks can be fixed. Metal Roofing Palm Harbor provides roof repairs assured. We will make a FREE estimation. Determine if repair against replacement is cost-effective and if a repair is feasible. We will guarantee that repair will take two years.