Metal roof replacement is something that the vast majority of our customers never need. Many are satisfied with their metal roofing, both in performance and in appearance. Even then, however, metal roof replacements are needed every once in a while. Be it due to appearance, damage or choosing the wrong material originally, here are some of the reasons people ask us for metal roof replacements.


As rare as it is, metal roofs do get damaged. Usually following a storm, quake or fire, metal roof replacements of this nature are the most common. For storms, heavy debris picked up by the strong winds can damage the roofing, leading to leaks, holes or even torn off sections. Depending on the damage, material, and cause of damage, sections may need to be removed or the entire roof might need to be redone. Luckily, if the damage is not too severe, the jump can usually be done in a single day.

If the entire roof needs to be removed, consider selling your old metal roofing for scrap or having it recycled.

Wrong material usage

While metals may be strong, some metals are better suited for different environments. Failure to consider the materials used can factor into how often it needs replacing or repairs. Take steel or zinc for example. Both metals are extremely durable and capable of taking a beating. Aluminum on the other is not. So if one lives in a stormy or hail prone area, one should consider steel or zinc over aluminum, which is better suited for hotter areas.

To help prevent the need for metal roof replacement, many contractors will advise their contractors on the best materials for their area and climate. Zinc and steel will often time be their go-to option.

Need a metal roof replacement?

Consider contacting us for all your metal roof replacement needs. As trained experts, we have been in the industry for many years and offer our work at both speedy and quality prices. Hard working and dedicated to our craft, contact us for a free quote or leave your details online and we’ll contact you! Your specialists on call to help you with all your metal roofing needs.

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