Are you looking for a metal roofing contractor from Tampa? You got to the right place. Corrugated metal roofing tampa installs and restores metal roofs and we specialize in standing metal roofs. Metal roofs are usually made of steel, aluminum or copper, giving your house some of the best protection. They withstand high winds, shed snow and rain very effectively, and are resistant to fire.

These are lightweight, long-lasting, and even reduce heating and cooling costs with their light reflective capabilities. If your old roof has been worn out and needs to be replaced, find a NC roofing company that can build metal roofs. There are several reasons to choose metal roofs over other roofing systems, including: lightweight metal roofs weigh approximately four times less than a tile roof and approximately half as much as a roof. Metal roofs are less expensive than roofs made of tiles or slate. You can make metal roofs look like wooden shakes or tiles without the extra weight on the roof and out of your pocket with a wide range of colors, materials and texture to choose from.

corrugated metal roofing tampa uses the toughest metal gage available with premium paint, providing greater strength and resistance to wind / weather than lightweight gage boards.

Triad Corrugated Metal, Inc. has built a reputation for outstanding service, quality products and durability as a leading manufacturer of quality metal roofing products. We serve Tampa and all the intermediate communities. Corrugated steel is just one of the many forms of metal roofing. Corrugated metal roofs give certain structural and design benefits to the house or home.

Please contact our customer service department to find the right roofing material for your venture. We cover every area for your convenience and deliver your order to the job site. Although some limitations on shipping apply, all prices listed are applicable for any area within the government. For more corrugated metal roofing services or a corrugated metal roofing contractor near you, call us today. We can inspect your roof, give a free estimate, and install any corrugated metal roof that you choose easily, professionally.

Go to your home, office, or building for beauty and function, no more than a corrugated metal roof.